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Official Description[edit]

Introduction to American Government and Politics (34-102)
Attention is directed toward the fundamental principles, institutions, and problems of American Constitutional Government - national, state, and local. Particular stress is given to the Missouri Constitution as well as to national Constitutional growth.


Overview of the different branches of government and how they work.

What Actually Happens[edit]

This is a fairly comprehensive introduction to American politics, though by no means in depth. Topics include the definition of the American political landscape, the Constitution, the Federal system, civil rights, the Federal buearocracy, the legal system, and each of the three branches of the Federal government. If you're at all interested in politics, this is an interesting class to attend. If not, take notes to keep yourself from falling asleep.

Dewhirst assigns the Taking Sides book, and gives a test over how well you remember the arguments. It's not difficult, but we recommend not waiting until the week of the test to start reading because you'll either do nothing else that week or not read it all.


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