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NOTE: The Missouri Academy Wiki Page Restoration project is underway 4/24/2017

Welcome to the Academy Wiki. This is intended to allow prospective students (and first years) to get a better idea of what the Academy and its classes are like. And it makes a somewhat constructive project for the rest of us to work on in our spare time. So come in and look around. This is a Wiki; if something is missing, add it; if something is wrong, correct it. We encourage all visitors to create accounts, which allows you to edit any page, change the look and feel of the site, and create your own user page.

This website is paid for and managed by key members of the Student Government Association (SGA). This, however, does NOT mean that this wiki represents the thoughts or opinions of SGA: It is a wiki and, as such, is open to editing by anyone, good or bad. We do, however, ask that users practice common sense in their editing.

New users should visit the introduction and acquaint themselves with the editing policies. Those who have not participated in the Wikipedia (or similar) may want to read our editing help page. And, of course, to experiment with editing syntax, use the sandbox.

At this point we are asking all editors to create accounts. A lack of anonymity often will reduce the risk of trolling the wiki, and more importantly, we like to know who's using it. It's neat to see projects you're involved in grow.

If you're looking for somewhere to start working, stubs are articles that we've started but don't have enough information to turn into full articles. Also, recent changes is a list of the articles we've been working on, so it's easy to keep posted by watching that page.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to submit them.


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