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This wiki is completely unaffiliated with Northwest Missouri State University and the Missouri Academy of Science, Mathematics and Computing. We do not claim to represent the views of any staff member of either of these institutions. We have been more or less disavowed by the both of these institutions because they didn't like what was written here. It's just as well, as, while we hardly think we're sticking it to The Man, it illustrates one thing: These are our viewpoints. This is nothing but a forum for a student's perspective on the Academy to be voiced.

And who are we? We are a handful of Academy attendees and ex-attendees. While we might wish our numbers were greater, allowing us to give a fuller picture of Academy life, we work with what we have.

Of course, we do our best to ensure that all information here is factual or obviously a matter of opinion.

01:19, 17 Jun 2006 (CDT)