Main Lounge Rules

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TV Usage[edit]

The Academy urges the everyone be courteous in the lounge. The lounge TV serves many functions from watching MSNBC to Comedy Central, playing Final Fantasy to DDR, or watching an assortment of movies. Sometimes squals can occur when it comes to how the TV is used. So, here are some general rules to keep in mind.

  • If a majority of the people in the lounge want to use the TV for a different purpose, please be courteous and go with their request (i.e. you have been playing a video game for two hours and people are getting bored and ask you to put the TV on Comedy Central instead.)
  • No R rated movies nor Mature or Adult Only rated games are allowed to be played in the lounge.
  • Jeopardy always takes priority. So on weekdays at 4:30, the TV must be turned to Jeopardy.

PDA Rules[edit]

  • For what is and what is not acceptable go to Things to do.
  • The academy handbook says, "You are expected to be respectful of others and to comply promptly and politely with any person's request that you cease a public display of affection." THIS IS A HUGE RULE! Please don't grope your loved one in the lounge, we don't want to see it. Go to Things to do for alternatives.

Use of the Lounge Gaming Tables[edit]

  • If you'd like to use the pool table, ping-pong table, or air hockey table, equipment is rentable (no charge) from the RLO. All you need is to turn in your Bearcat card to the front desk while the equipment is in use. When you are done, return the equipment and your card is returned to you.

Other Rules[edit]

  • The lounge can be reserved for dances, clubs, etc. If the lounge is reserved please be courteous and leave the lounge if you aren't interested in participating with club or dance events.
  • Lounge is closed all without privs during study hours (Sunday nights-Thursday nights from 8pm-10pm)
  • Lounge is closed to first years but open to second years from 10:30pm-11:30pm.
  • Lounge is closed to all from 11:30pm to 8:00am (except when special events are taking place, such as: late-night movie, dance, wing-sponsored event, etc.)