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This page is a list of things you might want to do in Maryville, Missouri. Obviously there's Walmart and The Hangar (movie theatre), but this page will be primarily focused on the lesser known ways to divert yourself.

On Campus


Take a walk around campus sometime. There are lots of places to visit when you get bored. You never know what you may find.

Affectionate Acts

Please see Inappropriate Displays of Affection for the rules outlining affectionate acts.

Beat current records or set new ones

Off Campus

Off campus, students have to be more creative. Honestly, there isn't much off campus fun just waiting for you, so you generally have to make your own. To leave campus, you generally need to sign out. If it's a group outing, oftentimes you can get a driver to take you in a van, though the entire city is within walking distance (for sufficiently large values of walking distance). We recommend following protocol for leaving campus as often as possible, but acknowledge that the rules can be a bit stuffy and will simply take this opportunity to impress upon you the one rule you should always follow: Don't Be Stupid.


  • The Hangar
A movie theatre and themed restuarant. If a new movie shows up there, you can usually get a van ride on weekends. Their website is [1], which usually has their showtimes for each week.
  • Clothing shops
There are several of these in Maryville, including a thrift store, where word has it that you can get AWESOME stuff.
  • Restaurants
You can eat food in Maryville. While there are the obligatory fast food joints everywhere, there are also some nice places like Paglia's, which is Italian for delicious. There is also A&G's Greek night (Fridays), which is Greek for delicious.
  • "9" (the new pool hall on Main)
Pay hourly for a table. They have 10-12 tables there, and it's not very crowded at the times when Academy are able to leave campus. They are friendly, and smoking/drinking/drugs are not allowed there.
  • Bearcat Bowling
It's a fairly small bowling alley. They're pretty cool about letting you come in and sit down even if you don't buy a game. Games are cheap, you'll get slammed with the food. You can also go into the bar there, just don't try to order a drink.

Other than that, you might have to have ideas in mind before hand. For example, many fun games either are poorly suited to the campus environment or are against the campus rules. Therefore, for games such as hide and seek, tag, etc, we recommend the two city parks located within a mile of the Academy. These parks come with the built in luxuries of merry-go-rounds, sand, swings, and trees! Pretty awesome. There are also some bodies of water near Maryville, namely Lake Mozingo, that have excellent fishing, if you're into that sort of thing. The rural areas around Maryville have lots of very pretty scenery, which is great for walks and amature photography.