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General Rules[edit]

  • Shelves are provided for convienance. To use these shelves you must abide by these rules
    • Label your detergent, bleach, dryer sheets, etc. with your first and last name.
    • Agree to respect other people's property (i.e. don't 'borrow' detergent without permission or throw away other's property)
    • The academy is not responsible for anything left in the laundry room.
  • Washers and Dryers should be treated with respect as well as the person's clothing that may be in them.
    • Don't kick or manhandle the machines... or the people using them, for that matter.
    • If the laundry room is full, then come back later. DO NOT "CREATE" AN OPENING BY REMOVING SOMEONE ELSE'S CLOTHING FROM THE WASHER OR DRYER. Use manners and wait.
    • If clothing in a dryer's time is up you may take the person's clothing out ONLY if dry. If clothing is still wet, do them a favor a punch in some more time for them. (Dryers are free of charge to use, so it only entails pushing a button to give them more time)
    • If random clothing is left in laundry room unclaimed for over a week, it will either go to the lost and found or into the garbage.
  • No PDA what-so-ever is allowed in the laundry room.

Recommended Times to Use the Laundry Room[edit]

The laundry room can get swamped on the weekends. Do yourself and others a favor by doing laundry mid-week. The laundry room is generally empty early weekday mornings and midday on weekdays. Midday and evening on weekends are generally swamped for the first few weeks until first years catch on that weekends aren't the best time to do laundry. This wiki is just a heads up in hopes that this won't happen in years to come.

How to Guide to Laundry[edit]

So this is your first time doing laundry on your own? Wow, you are sheltered, aren't you? Just kidding. If you need some advice on how to do your laundry, I added a guide just for you!

  • Steps to take to do laundry.
    • 1. Sort your clothes into white, bright color, and dark color piles. If you mix whites with colors in the wash, the colors may bleed onto and ruin your whites. Also clothes that have lots of lint (like towels) need to be in a separate load from clothes that are lint magnets.
    • 2. Remember to check your pockets of all your laundry (pens and gum are the worst).
    • 3. Pretreat bad stains with detergent.
    • 4. Use the measuring cap of the detergent bottle or the cup found in detergent boxes to measure the right amount of detergent necessary.
    • 5. Choose the water temperature for the wash cycle: hot, warm or cold. To be safe, it never hurts to use cold water for any load. Cold normally prevents clothes from shrinking too.
    • 6. Add your clothes, put in detergent, and let the machine run.
    • 7. Put clothing and dryer sheet into the dryer after the washer is done. Hang-up delicates (such as bras and certain sweaters) to air dry. If you aren't sure if it's a delicate or not, check the tags.
    • 8. Empty the lint tray and then turn on the dryer.
    • 9. Once the clothes are dry take them out of the dryer and fold them.
  • Tips:
    • Don't overload the washer, it won't allow for a good clean and may cause the machine to get off balanced or stuck.
    • Bleach is some nasty shiznit, be careful with it an avoid getting it on you.
  • Warnings:
    • Don't put dry-clean only fabrics in washer.
    • Also, some lingerie/panties should be handwashed preserve delicate lace or other fabrics. Of course, why you'd have lingerie at the academy is beyond me, but whatever floats your boat.

However, if this is too complicated for you (it really isn't too hard, trust me), you can always take your laundry home.