Dr. Thornsberry

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Classes taught[edit]

Style & personality[edit]

Dr. Thornsberry is exceptionally knowledgeable, but teaches strictly from power points. this can be very boring. Add to that his monotone voice and it's snoozeville for many people. Tips for staying awake:

  1. sit in front
  2. write the notes (even if you printed them off ahead of time)
  3. drink a soda (or equally caffeinated drink)

You'll learn a lot in his class . . . if you can stay awake.

In contrast to his boring facade, reports are that he's more lively in upper-level classes, perhaps because students are not so tightly packed in in those. Genetics, for example, is said to be fascinating.

Student opinions[edit]

kenzie: Thornsberry is a genetics teacher. Therefore, his general biology class is boring, reflecting his lack of interest in teaching. Really nice guy though, and an easy class to do well in.