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Classes taught[edit]

Style & personality[edit]

Dr. Haile teaches Calculus I. His class has lots of opportunities for points. He assigns 25 homework assignments worth 10 points each. Each assignment contains only one question, although it will often require significant thought. There are also 8 problems that he assigns. These problems are generally difficult proofs and are also worth 10 points each. These problems are either right or wrong (there is no partial credit). But here's the kicker: Problems have NO due date, except for the end of the year right before finals. That way, you can take your time or submit the problems as many times as you need before you get them right. Also, he has 4 tests and one final exam. These tests are NOT multiple choice and you have no equation cards or notes allowed. The questions are generally difficult, but if you do the unassigned bookwork and the pre-test you'll be okay. The best strategy is to NOT freak out...like I did. The final exam is probably the easiest test--as long as you kept all your old homework and old tests. If you remember the old material, you'll do fine. There is also a large math project due near the end of the semester which will comprise a large portion of your grade. It is most advisable to form a group quickly and work on it from the beginning, rather than waiting until the last day, as it will be long and fairly complex.

As a person: Haile is a really good guy. He'll help you out with homework, problems, and review tests with you. He really cares about your grades and will take the time to make you understand the material. So, GO TO HIS OFFICE HOURS! He tends NOT to take personal class time if only one person is drawing a blank. Also, he has an odd way of explaining things sometimes. So, sometimes extra time is needed to understand some material.

Student Opinions[edit]

I thought he was one of the best math teachers at Northwest. I really liked all the opportunities for points--since I tend to choke on tests. And he took the time to work with me when I had problems with the material. -- Ashley Banaszek

An amazing professor, Dr. Haile is very dedicated to his teaching and willing to help outside of class if anyone is struggling. Also, his tests are fair, and there are really no major surprises in the class. He gives partial credit on his homework and tests, awarding incorrect attempts very fairly. -- Ben

As a person, he really is a good guy. He's a family guy, which is always admirable in a person, but personally he was the worst math teacher that I've ever had. He knows his stuff well, but does a poor job at conveying his vast intellect to the class. I had a difficult time learning in his class. Although his homework is very appealing (and helpful, don't get me wrong), I found myself embarrassing myself on most of his tests. After taking Calc II in May with Dr. Euler, in retrospect I wish that I had taken him instead of Haile for Calc I. -- David Griffin

CAUTION: If you pulled an A or B in Dr. Euler's precalculus class, you probably should not move to Dr. Haile the next semester. For some it works outs, but the people in my class that went Euler-->Haile are not happy. Personally, I find it hard to learn in his class. I even purposely sat in the front of the row... I've started to actually take notes in the class, but the only good they've been for me is for the homework. Dr. Haile is a great option if you come from Dr. Shepard, though. Everyone who had her for precalculus seems to like Dr. Haile. Apparently they have a lot of the same methods. -- Jessica Brooks

Haile is extremely willing to help out. He makes it a point to try and communicate with his students during class, saying, "Correct?" every once in a while (to no avail). Watch his eyebrows. They do cool things when he gets real excited about math. --Angela Protzman


"You got the same thing I did, you just have to massage the derivative a bit to make it look the same"

"I'm taking the derivative of stuff with respect to stuff!"

"one thing I noticed here was Witch Craft, in algebra"