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Wing Games are competitions between different wings of the Academy. Participation in the Games nets an arbitrary amount of Wing Points, a prized resource. At the end of the year, points are talied up and a winner is declared. All the constituent members will probably receive a prize, like several pieces of candy, a piece of paper with their names on it, or even a set of shirts for the wing's members.

Past events[edit]

  • Incomplete List
    • Pool and Ping-Pong Tournaments
    • Trivia Contest
    • Karaoke Contest
    • Sand Volleyball Tournament
    • Wing Flag and Mascot Competitions
    • Wii Tennis Tournament (Wiimbledon)
    • Shopping Cart Races

Past winners[edit]

History and Operation[edit]

  • The first year in which a female wing won was 2008-2009. During the 2007-2008 year, 2nd Floor East (led by Beth Eppinger) came within 20 points of ultimate winner, 2nd Floor West with over 6000 points acquired by both teams.
  • Points are generally assigned with two parts, a participation part which is based on what percentage of a wing's eligible members (those at the Academy at the time) showed up for an event, and then a larger amount of points based on the outcome. Some events break this, such as the wing flag and mascot competition being just points for what place each wing gets, and some of the tournaments where points were given for each victory made instead of just to a wing that won overall. Breaks from the normal method of point distribution except in cases (as in examples above) where another method is clearly more fitting has caused controversy in the past with claims of certain biases.
  • The point of wing games is primarily to get the student body to be involved and interact with one's wing members in a friendly competition, which has unfortunately not always been the case.