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Vanguard Mark I.

The Vanguards are the class of 2009.

van guard [van-gahrd]

1. the foremost division or the front part of an army; advance guard; van.
2. the forefront in any movement, field, activity, or the like.
3. the leaders of any intellectual or political movement.

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Of the Vanguard class (initial and half-years), 27 of the 91 left the Academy before achieving the graduation requirements. This corresponds to a 29.7% attrition rate, which is significantly lower than the two classes that immediately preceded the Vanguards.

List of Students[edit]

Student University Attending Major
Mandeep Babbra University of Missouri - Kansas City 6-Year Med Program
Amanda Baker Colorado State University - Pueblo Chemistry, Forensics
Victoria Barr Marquette University Athletic Training, Physical Therapy
Kent Becker (departed) University of Missouri - Columbia
Renee Michelle Blair Tulane University
Samuel Bowman California Polytechnic Aerospace Engineering
Jeong In Byeon Johns Hopkins University
Emelia Connolly (departed) Missouri S & T Pre-Med
Alicia Cox University of Missouri - Columbia
Cody Dickerson Pittsburgh University
Maggie Doerge Westminster College
Hayley Donner Florida Institute of Technology Marine Biology
Sierra Eggleston (departed) Northwest Missouri State University
Libby Ellis (departed) Ozarks Technical Community College
Amanda Foster Missouri S & T Biology, Biochemical Engineering
Daniel Franklin Missouri S & T Physics, Astronomy, Comp. Science
Nathan Freeman University of Missouri - Columbia
Neeraja Ganeshraj University of Missouri - Columbia
Nicholas Gieselman Missouri S & T Chemical Engineering
Megan Gilbert
Olivia Haggard (departed) Missouri State University
Jackson Herbst Florida Institute of Technology Aerospace Engineering
Samantha Hoffman (departed) Missouri State University - West Plains Medicine
Joshua Jackson Creighton University
Sarah Jafari University of Missouri - Kansas City
Michael Jemison Harvard University
JeHyun Jung (departed) Parsons The New School for Design Communication Design, Literary Studies-Writing
Kaitlyn Keller (departed)
Raquel Kemna University of Missouri - Kansas City Law
Bu-Yi Kim Pennsylvania State University
In Gun Kim Syracuse University
Je Kyung Kim Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Je Woong Kim Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Tae Young Kim Georgia Institute of Technology
Liz Koch Truman State University
Katie Kramme University of Missouri - Columbia
Ihnbeom Lee Purdue University
Jee Yun Lee Cornell University
Woo Jin Lee (departed) University of Evansville
Taylor Lenox Missouri S&T Environmental Engineering
Barbara Lewitzke (departed)
Elizabeth Maag Colorado School of Mines
Deanna MacMillan United States Air Force Academy
Courtney Maloney University of California Berkeley Molecular Environmental Biology
Tasha Massman (departed) Saint Louis University
Di'ara McCole Missouri S & T
Doug McGeehan (departed) Missouri S & T Mathematics/Computer Science
John McKeever Truman State University Physics, Chemistry
Kate McNabb Truman State University
Niki Miller (departed) University of Missouri - Columbia Animal Sciences, Pre-Vet
Alena Morgan
Isaac Nichols (departed)
Blaine Nims (departed) University of Arkansas - Fayetteville
Jaleeza Owens University of Missouri - Columbia
Hye Young Park University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
Sung Woo Park Rice University Neuroscience
Anthony Parks Stanford University
Laura Phillips University of Missouri - Kansas City English - Rhetoric
Dylan Pisechko University of Missouri - Columbia Pre-Med
Victoria Poplin University of Missouri - Kansas City
Jameson Price (departed) RPI Mathematics
Angela Protzman (departed) The Creative Center Art College - Omaha Design, Illustration, Computer Graphics
George Ransom Colorado School of Mines Electrical Engineering
Lacie Reichardt Hendrix University Pre-Vet
Alexandria Richardson (departed)
Ellen Richardson Missouri S & T
Kyung Hyun Ro
Jade Rodell (departed)
Bryce Romans University of Missouri - Columbia
Robert Saab (departed)
Daniel Sampliner Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Physics, Electrical Engineering
Joshua Santoli University of Missouri - Columbia Animal Husbandry
Kyle Schmidt (departed) Missouri S & T
Cody Smith University of Kansas
Matt Smith (departed) University of Missouri - Columbia
Josef Stark University of Missouri - Columbia
Savannah Stepp (departed) Southwest Baptist University Chemistry and Biology
Abigail Sullivan Unity College Environmental Science
Micah Uptegrove University of Missouri - Columbia Biological Engineering / Political Science
Phillip Venice University of Pennsylvania Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
Michelle Vierra (departed) University of Missouri - Columbia
Caleb Washburn University of Missouri - Columbia
Natasha Weichsler (departed) Drury University Spanish
Amanda Werner Northwest Missouri State University
Nicole Winkelmann George Washington University
Cameron Wohlschlaeger Chapman University Journalism
Philip Woodward (departed)
Alexander Workman Missouri S & T
Yoon Seok Yang (departed)
Marie Young Truman State University Biology
Bryson Zullig University of Missouri - Columbia