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Hi my name is Jon, many of you know many and many dont. Those who know me know of my hatred of the English language and of Wiki which pisses me off for no apparent reason. I am 17 years old have blond hair and blue eyes (go ararian power) and enjoy working at my job and playing video games. Thats all i have to add as of now. I am rather excited about next year now that i have seen the names of some of the eskimos. Things are looking promising.

I think im going to follow chad's lead and buy his sound system. It is onyl 60 bucks and that things gets MOVING> yep i totally feel sorry for whoever is below me next year.

And i am still trying to build my box for next year. Woooo just can make up my mind if i want to save up for a 3500+ or just sitt on a 3200+(64 bit of course).

BTW if anyone knows how to not have my computer display everything in italics that would be great to find out. Email @