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A Chevy Trailblazer.

The Trailblazers were the class of 2007. They started out with 59 students, the largest starting class in the Academy until the Vanguards. A grand total of 22 students dropped from the program, leaving 37 students to complete it.

List of Students

Student University Attended Major(s)
Ashley Abele Central Missouri State University Actuarial Science
Adrienne Angelos (departed) Missouri S&T Biology
Dustin Bales (departed) Missouri S&T Chemical Engineering
Bradley Bartlett (departed)
Jennifer Bean Missouri State University
Samantha Bean Missouri State University
Morgan Beck Missouri State University Nursing
Anna Bliss Kansas State Architecture, Planning, and Design
Nathan Brown Oberlin College Physics, Philosophy, Mathematics
Kayla Bone (departed)
Champ Caldwell (departed) University of Missouri-Columbia
Sarah Cantrell University of Missouri - Kansas City 6-Year Med
Cailie Carlile (departed) University of Missouri - Kansas City 6-Year med
Lyndon Chen Missouri S&T Engineering Management
Janece Colter (departed)
Ashton Cope (departed) Westminster International Studies
Eva Daly US Coast Guard Academy
Carl Dean (departed)
Killian Ditch Missouri State English/Literature
Brad Dunlap (departed) Truman State University Exercise Science, Pre-Physician Assistant
Gabe Eckstein (departed)
Corey Fell (departed)
Nik Fusco Missouri S&T Chemistry
Jonathan Gigax Missouri S&T Physics
David Griffin Missouri S&T Computer Engineering
Rob Haines Missouri S&T Aerospace Engineering
Jesse Hamm Northwest Missouri State University
John Henson Florida Institute of Technology Aviation Management with Flight
Mallory Higgins Drury University
Peter Hodges Northwest Missouri State University
Courtney Hubbs (departed) Missouri S&T
Brandon Hughes Florida Institute of Technology Mechanical Engineering
Kelsey Jordan Missouri S&T Chemistry
MacKenzie Keller (departed) College of the Ozarks Pre-Med, Biology, Chemistry
Matt Kern Carnegie Mellon University Chemical Engineering, Business
Melanie Maasen Missouri S&T Biology
Heather McCarthy (departed) Northwest Missouri State University Pre-Med, Biology, Psychology
Heather McGhee St. Louis University Psychology, Philosophy
Aaron McGinn Missouri Southern State University Computer Information Science, Criminal Justice
Jacob McNamee Georgia Institute of Technology Electrical Engineering
Alex Neaveill Missouri S&T Computer Engineering
Miranda Oehler Northwest Missouri State University Psychology, Philosophy
Ben Passer Missouri S&T Applied Mathematics
Daniel Peters (genespliced)
Brad Phillips Missouri State University
Kayla (n�e Williams) Phillips Missouri State University Special Education, Child & Family Development
Dayne Plunkett (departed)
Chadwick Raw (departed)
Billy Shields Missouri S&T Architectural & Civil Engineering
Danny Smith (departed)
Jayson Smith (departed) Northwest Missouri State University
Aaron Spencer (departed)
Chris Spencer University of Arkansas Pre-med
Brittany States (departed) Northwest Missouri State University
Abby Stephens Northwest Missouri State University
Carrie Stephens (departed) Truman State University
Daniel Swan Missouri S&T
Robert Walker US Air Force Academy Astronautical Engineering
Samantha White Westminster College