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Can everyone please make comments like these in a respective place, I make comments suggestions and questions topics and it would be nice to get stuff in there so it's easier to read. If there's anything that I need to do such as edit some code or change an flower can you put it in my talk page under the 'to-do' list--Andy 01:33, 5 Jan 2005 (EST)


Two columns. Good? -Squishypickle

The wheel has to go. That's fucking awful. Somebody please get us a good picture so we're not stuck with this. -Chrax


One of the major objections to the OpenTextbook project is that textbooks are best written by one person. Every book has been injected with something of it's author, go the arguments, and a book tweaked by a multitude of people is bound to, at best, unfocused.

Of course, that same arguments could have been applied to Operating Systems. Many of us know how this has panned out.

Nevertheless, while I write Form over Content the idea that my central idea might be diluted by various poor edits is troublesome. Sure, I could come back and fix what I percieve to be errors, but that invites a sort of edit war.

Something to be avoided.

Therefore I propose that contributions by users that are obviosly essays be of an uneditable status, protected, in the jargon of wikimedia. Any changes will have to be proposed in the talk page of an essay and recieve three votes with consent of the author, or 6 votes without the consent of the author, in order to be implemented. We should also have some sort of special tag denoting an essay ( and, idealy, its author ), much in the same way that we have tags for stubs.

When I publish Form over Content I will do so in the manner outlined above, protected and with a tag, unless objects are raised here. -goofyheadedpunk


There needs to be a way to upload images. If not that, the <img> tag should be enabled to enable remote linking. --Squishypickle 19:43, 23 Dec 2004 (EST)

Also, let's change the background. But not to the damn academy flame. If you really want that, that can be at the top left (instead of the [[{flower}]] that there is now.

I'm not sure who posted this on the front page, but I think it belongs in the discussion section instead. I agree about the background change and I'm looking for alternatives. As far as using the Academy flame at all goes: I say no. This website is not related to the official Academy website in any way, and using their image would make it seem as if it were. The flower should also go though. - Mpnolan 22:40, 23 Dec 2004 (EST)
I agree I'll change the flower sometime soon, just tell me what to put there, an no we are technically not allowed to use the flame beause of copy-right restrictions.
I would say its a bit related. Maybe a student carrying a torch, attempting to burn down the barrier to free expression. Thats an idea. --Squishypickle 23:50, 23 Dec 2004 (EST)
I like the aaron head. -Squishypickle
I kinda like the aaron head eating the hot dogs. We should have that on the front page instead of the tire. -KoopaTroopa211


Something like this:

Student Organizations
  • Stuff
  • Stuff
  • Stuff
  • Stuff

In order for this site to be visible to potential students, which I think should be one of the main goals as this information seems to be most valuable to potentials and underclassmen, we need to be visible on Google. Has the site been submitted to Google? Also, I think more emphasis should be placed on the wiki in the rest of the site (my thoughts: we can scrap all but the contact database). Thoughts anyone? -Chrax

Wait! Scrap everything? That makes me sad... - Stuey
  • Everything that's not the wiki* -Chrax
I realize that... now. But it's a good idea. The Main Page is sort of ... lacking - Stuey
Yeah. All that information could be put in the wiki and linked to in an obvious way on the main page. A pretty colored box could say "Student Organizations" and have links to each. Other pretty boxes could have other useful information. -Squishypickle
I agree. Everything could easily be in the wiki. As a bonus, if it were all in the wiki, it wouldn't be so terrible. -Goofyheadedpunk
I'll have to dig through some code first but I don't think it would be to difficult to yank out certian parts of the wiki and stick them on the rest of the site (and by 'rest of the site' I mean the blue and green part) that way the actuall site (e.g. would still be there but it would all get dynamicly updated through the wiki. It would basicly be a second front-end to the wiki that lacked the editing posibilities. I thought this way would make it easier to access stuff for people that dont know/care what a wiki is. Another reason not to scrap the main page is because I want to eventually open that up to club websites, (e.g. Drama Club, Aftermath, etc) but they could probably just use the wiki as well.

Dynamic Content[edit]

This is the stuff that was on the front page that really wouldn't concern most of the people that will join in the next couple days (hopefully). -Chrax

If you would like to see articles posted on the Main Page (this one) like at Wikipedia then we will have to develop a system for this. Note: Wikipedia does not do this automatically, but instead has users submit articles that they would like to see on the Main Page.

Please see documentation on customizing the interface and the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.


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