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Stuey: You've got the Sound of Music in the list twice. I like having the "Too Wussy..." section, but it's up to you. One of the two things needs to change. -goofyheadedpunk

I think the idea of restricting access to rarely used objects is dumb. This exchange idea should be extended to all kinds of media: CDs, video games, etc. Pretty much any type of categorizable object works. If it's successful, we can set up a database. - Mpnolan 06:10, 26 Dec 2004 (EST)

Interesting idea... should we put ratings of movies? - Stuey
Should it be "intraacademy?" -Squishypickle
Ooohhh... He got you there! - Stuey
It should be intra-academy(ish). We should decided on a spelling and then move the article. -Goofyheadedpunk
Intra makes sense. -Chrax
Yes, but how do we spell the title? -Goofyheadedpunk
Ah. I would think intra-academy. Or we could just leave it as Academy with no prefix. -Chrax
I agree with Chris... no prefix is fine! Stuey

Are we listing movies we actually have or have ripped? Should we some how indicate if the copy is an actual copy or a ripped copy? - Stuey

Physically have... I think. Exchanging ripped movies is typically an ordeal, unless they're small enough to be put on CD. -Chrax
Okay! I see. Should we say if we have them on CD, though?-Stuey
Sure, just use (CD) rather than (DVD) -Chrax
Also, always rip movies to be in 700 MB parts, as a rule. It's highly irritating when they are the wrong size, so they won't comforably fit on CDR's. -Squishypickle

I'm going to move this article to Academy Movie Exchange, unless someone has objections (or if it's already been done ). -Goofyheadedpunk

No objections here - Stuey
Alright, I'm moving it. -Goofyheadedpunk

question: where do i put my unrated version of Y Tu Mama Tambien? -Sillyputty

You have a copy of Y Tu Mama Tambien!!!!! Can I borrow it, eh? I've been wanting to see the rest of the movie... since I saw a part of it. - Stuey
I added an Unrated section... but apparently Chris did too. /me glares at Chris. THanks! - Stuey

should we add a note at the top or bottom that RC Neal owns roughly 400 dvds and to look at his collection if you don't see it here? - Brando

It wouldn't be a bad idea Brando, but make sure you get his permission before putting info like that up here, or else he may not be too happy about it. Don't know why he wouldn't be, but still, nothing wrong with playing it safe. - DAVE

Separate database[edit]

I've begun writing the object database using SQLite. Right now there will be tables for movies, CDs, and video games. What else should I add? - Mpnolan 16:47, 26 Dec 2004 (EST)

Do you guys think accounts are a good idea for this project? Ideally (and probably) the site will only be used by Academy students, and I can't think of a single one that would want to destroy it by adding crap entries. The only reason accounts would be useful would be for searching and listing objects by owner, but that could be done by asking users to always use their real name. - Mpnolan 16:57, 26 Dec 2004 (EST)

I think just having the front end to the database being inside the wiki would be a good idea. The site would be MUCH better if it were all in the wiki anyway. Besides, I won't touch anything outside of the wiki. The rest of the site is shitastic. -Goofyheadedpunk

The only way I could do that is if HTML were enabled in the wiki. I'd have to contact the PHP code I wrote with parameters typed into input boxes on a wiki page. Even then, the output would be displayed on a non-wiki page. I wouldn't mind writing an input interface for the wiki, though I just don't see the point.
I say we make the wiki what you see when you come to, and link to Andy and I's projects from wiki pages. We'd remove all that SGA-type stuff and put it inside the wiki too - Mpnolan 18:08, 26 Dec 2004 (EST)
Also, if you're going to be databasing anyway, you might as well redo that terrible contact DB from the site, and use the wiki as a frontend. Also, I don't think it should be too much to ask for people to be wiki users to submit to these databases. Like Brian said in the main talk page, it's distasteful, but it will help prevent trolling. -Chrax
I've stopped working on the object DB, simply because the wiki combined with the browser search function is just as efficient. If the list grows really large, I'll finish it (it's near finished now). It was a fun SQL learning experience, though! - Mpnolan 00:17, 6 Jan 2005 (EST)
Yeah... redo the contact thing. Also, I agree scrap all the SGA part of the original website. I think just updating the wiki is good enough. Well, there are a couple parts that shouldn't be deleted such as the online application to be a wing rep or officer. - Stuey


I'm thinking "the" and other prefixes should be ignored while alphabetizationing.
So if you have a movie that starts with "the," you should move it...

So what do you propose? Should The Incredibles simply go under I, or should we change it to Incredibles, The? And really, how big a deal is it? -Chrax
That's a tough call. I imagine most people would look for "The Incredibles" rather than "Incredibles, The." I don't think it matters much though, because people will either be browsing or looking specifically for that movie, and if looking for that movie chances are they'll find it under either name. My opinion, then, is: put it under either. - Mpnolan 16:13, 2 Apr 2005 (EST)
Yes, but we should be consistent, and so before I start moving shit around, I want there to be a decision. I think Incredibles, The looks stupid, but then I think The Incredibles between other I films looks out of place. What do you guys think (or should we just leave it as is, under T)?

Is this worthwhile?[edit]

Has anyone made use of this system? - Mpnolan 20:10, 28 Mar 2005 (EST)

Yes. For instance, I've borrowed Y Tú Mama También. Other than that I don't know, but it's still neat. If this were populated by more social folk, then perhaps it would be used more. -Chrax
Should I submit a short article to the newspaper about this page and how to edit it? I could draft the article on a wiki page. - Mpnolan 04:05, 2 Apr 2005 (EST)
Sounds good to me Insert non-formatted text here
Spandy and I have used it... especially on the weekends when we are bored at night and want to watch a movie we go to this article to see what everyone has. This is very useful because most of the people here are on our wing. - Stuey

TV Shows[edit]

I added a sub-heading for any TV series that people may have. Please only post any shows that you have on DVD, VHS, or CD. If it is on your hard drive, please do not include it unless you put the episodes on a CD.--KoopaTroopa211 23:43, 17 Nov 2005 (EST) 1.04linpingping