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Current Staff[edit]


Director of Student Achievement (formerly Director of Academic Affairs)[edit]

Director of Enrollment[edit]

Director of Counseling[edit]

Administrative Secretary[edit]

Secretary for Enrollment and Counseling[edit]

Residential Counselors[edit]

Graduate Assistant[edit]

Former Staff Members[edit]


Assistant Dean for Student Development[edit]

Director of Student Development[edit]

Director of Academic Affairs[edit]

Director of Academic Programs[edit]

Director of Counseling and Research[edit]

Director of Enrollment[edit]

Secretary for Academic Programs and Student Development[edit]

Executive Secretary[edit]

Secretary for Enrollment and Counseling/Research[edit]

Secretary for RLO (part-time)[edit]

Residential Counselors[edit]

Graduate Assistant[edit]

Student Activities Coordinator[edit]

External Links[edit]

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