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The NWMSU campus offers a lot of places for one to skateboard, with all of the typical terrain: stairs, ledges, boxes, clean surfaces, and some unique obstacles like "The Circle". Good stuff!

This guide can by its nature only capture some of the spots. A creative skateboarder can make most anything skateable, and indeed can even create new spots. But there's some stuff, like ledges, that most skaters would gravitate towards, and that's mostly what this guide is about.

On-campus spots[edit]

Just outside Cooper[edit]

The first thing you'll probably notice is the area right outside of Cooper Hall, where you'll find a 3-stair, a downwardly-sloped ledge waxed for your boardsliding enjoyment, and (if you're lucky) a picnic table. This is a fun place to skate if you can't venture too far. The 3-stair has a low handrail with no knicks if your skill is sufficiently exquisite, but otherwise it's just a clean 3-.

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The Cooper boardslide ledge

Colden Hall[edit]

Colden Hall is the building where you'll take your English and Computer Science classes, so you don't want to go in there. Outside, though, you'll find a 4-stair with a long, smooth run-up, and a 5-stair that--though it must be approached from a diagonal angle--is wholly skateable. It's also joyous to ollie up the 4-stair. Another good thing about being at Colden is that the pond and trees are a stone's throw away (if you can throw stones pretty far) and it's easy to find shade on a humid day.

In the front, you'll find some high ledges to ollie off. Most have kinks on their landings, though.

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The Colden Hall four stair

The Circle (and surrounding area)[edit]

The Circle is a circularly-shaped bench that can provide for some fun skating. In addition to the challenge of getting up onto the bench, one then has to use extraordinary balance to stay on and continue riding the path of +-Sqrt[1 - x2]. Sometimes the gardenry spreads its fingers over the bench, so skating can be hard if not impossible.

Near the circle you will find a 3-stair. You have to enter at a bad angle and the landing surface is full of crags, though.

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The Circle

Fine Arts Building[edit]

The Fine Arts Building has an ellipse-shaped ledge about a half-meter tall, and from that ledge one can attempt to ollie onto another, more narrow ledge.

Lamkin Athletic Center (front)[edit]

The front part of the Lamkin Center contains a nice quad set of 3-stairs, which one can ollie in succession. There's also a high ledge to jump off of on foot. The Fun Box is at the bottom.

Fun Box[edit]

A concrete box that you can enter at blazing speeds.

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Fun Box

Rec. Center[edit]

The Rec. Center has some ledges and a two 5-stairs. The 5-stairs differ in that one is long and the other is steep. The steeper one has a kink at the bottom, positioned so that it's possible for your front truck can get lodged into it and you can eat a pleasurous concoction of teeth, blood and flesh, smashed to smitherenes and mixed thoroughly by the abrasive and unforgiving concrete living at the bottom. I usually go with the non-steep one.

There are also some waxed ledges on the side, pleasantly blanketed by the shade.

The Station[edit]

The Station is the campus convenience store and at the front you will find a high box and an absurdly high ledge (Rob Haines snapped a deck ollieing off of it). In the back there's a mini dock.

The Bell Tower[edit]

Everyone knows the Bell Tower! The platform it sits on can be used as a circular fun box, which also has some 3-stairs protruding from it.

The Skate Park[edit]

They finally built a skate park over by the baseball fields. It's got a half-pipe and some other stuff that I can't remember.

Off-campus spots[edit]

J.C. Penney halfpipe[edit]

Some local church guy set up a small halfpipe behind the J.C. Penney on the main highway (for those not familiar with Maryville: there's basically one main road, so you can't miss it.) The hours are something like 9-5 and there are some rules (e.g., no profanity), but it could be interesting nonetheless.


Photographs by Ruth Herrin

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