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Dr. Frucht is the chairman and a professor for the Northwest Missouri State University History Department. He received his doctorate in History, Humanities and Philosophy from Indiana University. His area of expertise, however, lies in the study of Eastern Europe and Russia. He speaks over 4 languages fluently and understands many more. Dr. Frucht will be leaving Northwest after Spring 2008 to move back to his hometown in New York. He plans to finish several books, including a 3-volume history of Eastern Europe and a biography of a Civil War general.

Classes taught[edit]

Style & personality[edit]

Dr. Frucht teaches by lecture. Little to no reading from the textbook is required, though it can help. His tests consist of 20 4-point multiple choice questions, often with several throwaways, and a choice of 2 of 3 short answer essays worth 10 points each. Showing up and paying attention in class is conducive to your success. Additionally, a blue book essay over "The Making of the President 1789" by Kitman is completed in class sometime after test two; The prompt is broad. Dr. Frucht's 155 final is non-cumulative. Dr. Frucht gives out extra credit occasionally, usually for attendance at guest lectures.

Dr. Frucht is quite energetic, mixing stories in with his lecture. He will often request the class to put their pens down for a story, as regular NW students have a tendency to obsessively take notes (especially since many students in 155 are freshmen, right out of high school).

Student opinions[edit]

Robyn: great instructor: fun, dynamic, loud, tons of energy and always hopped up on caffine, infact i'm not sure i've ever seen him set down his coffee cup for over a minute. I loved his history class. keep track of all the crazy random stuff he says, when it comes test time and you're reading your notes, it'll make you laugh.

Josh Armstrong: Best lecture ever. Lots of stories, but they don't detract from the flow of the class. I look forward to going to his MW class.

Courtney Maloney: He's one of my favorite teachers. I took Western Civ under him during May session, which mean't each class was 2.5 hours along. Somehow he made that time go by pretty painlessly. He frequently tells stories about his travels and makes funny (usually) comments and anecdotes about the historical people we study. Too bad, he's leaving or I would take American History under him too.