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Records Set[edit]

The following is a collection of unusual and unbeaten (as they are written) records that have been set by persons attending the Academy, while at the academy.

Personal Feats[edit]

R. B. - Fall 2003 - First Academy student to graduate and then continue undergraduate education at NWMSU.

Chad Henderson - May Session 2005 - Longest span of days to bike to Wal-Mart and back: Every single day of May Session.

Chad Raw - 2006 - Only Academite from the Trailblazers class to leave the Academy voluntarily. (LIE!!! I left voluntarily technically! Thank you very much Kenzie (Keller that is)(Out of 22 who left)).

Davy Gorham - 2004-2005 - Most days of In-Room-Suspension served (10 days).

Jon McNamara - Spring '05 - Most times caught asleep in Dr. Toomey's class, after receiving direct warnings not to do so and is reported to have been struck on the back of the head, under Dr. Toomey's instruction, by the person sitting behind him. (11 times and a blow from a stranger).

Ryan Grass - 2004-2005 - Most non-Aladine soda consumed by one person in a school year (57 12-packs of 12 oz. cans, at least 2 dozen 2-liter bottles, and an unknown quantity of 20 oz. bottles).

Ryan Grass - March 2005 - Most spoons broken eating one pint of Ben & Jerry's (4, in a 1-hour period).

Mike Nolan - 2005 - Only member of the Academy to eat a processor box. Mike consumed the box of Chad Henderson's new AMD 3000+. He is said to have replied "because it tastes like waffle cone".

Matt Colson - 2004 - Only person to successfully fall off a skateboard, dislocating his elbow and thereby getting sports banned in the hallway of 3rd West.

Neal Davis - September 2005 - Most points scored during a regulation game (4 quarters of 5 minutes each) of Madden Football (152).

Matt Kern - September 2005 - Fewest points scored during a regulation game of Madden Football (7).

William Dotson, Laura Dotson, Christina Winters, Allen Reger, Tony Brittingham, Rachel Kraft, - May 2004 - Carried out the first Academy Senior Prank by idiot-proofing the lounge. A second attempt was made by Explorers at Graduation to pull a whole-class prank, but it was stopped.

Andy Halstead, Chris Harper, and Josh Armstrong - February 2007 - Longest distance to haul (Andy & Chris) and supervise the hauling of (Josh) a piece of furniture, a table; roughly 2.3 miles.

Niels P. Zussblatt - September 25, 2007 - highest known grade on a Dr. Phillip Lucido General Microbiology exam with a 100.7%.

Craig Burkhart - September 29, 2007 - Best performance at a Math League qualifier competition (perfect scores in sprint and target rounds).

Jessica Brooks - October 15, 2007 - Highest known number of comments on an academy-related Facebook note: 70 comments in 2 days, 46 within the first 24 hours.

Niels P. Zussblatt and Josh Armstrong - January 24, 2008 - Academy's largest freezer; exposing their room to the below zero temperatures for over two hours by having all windows open and hallway door closed, 2FW's Room 216 created the Academy's largest freezer; one that froze water, congealed liquid soaps, and super-cooled a Pentium D 3ghz processor to 0 degrees Celsius (273.15 K).

Hiren Patel - January 25, 2008 - Most Cool Whip consumed in one sitting (8 ounces).

Niels P. Zussblatt - April-July 2008 - Highest known number of serious comments to a Facebook note: 205 comments, 59 within the first 30 hours.

Cody Smith - July, 2008 - Most lines cleared in Pentamino (224).

Cody Smith and Josh Santoli - January 2009 - Lowest temperature achieved while sleeping in room with the windows open for more than 6 hours. The door was sealed so no outside air could reach the hallway. All cold air was contained inside the room. The subzero temperature completely froze a gallon of water. Outside weather conditions: -13 degrees F; wind chill of -27 degrees F.

Samuel Bowman and Caleb Washburn - Late October 2008 to February 27, 2009- Longest span of time having passed Neal's room checks whilst their room (347) contained a rotting pumpkin. On the end date of the record, while ultimately the room could have continued passing room checks for a substantially longer amount of time, the pair decided it was time to bid the pumpkin farewell, holding a ceremony for it which ended with a dramatic pumpkin toss from the outside of 2nd Floor Landing to the dumpster on the ground below in the bat-cave.

Moon Soo Choi - 2008-2009 & 2009-2010 - Most credit hours taken by one student during their two years at the Missouri Academy: over 90.

Carman Merritt - Fall 2009 - First Academy student to serve as as executive on a major campus organization: Secretary/Treasurer of the Residence Hall Association

Courtney Flood - Spring 2010 - First Academy student to be elected President of a major campus organization (and she did it as a first-year!): National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

Courtney Flood - Spring 2010 - First Academy student to receive the Blue Key Honor Society Outstanding Freshman Leader of NWMSU Award

Drew Paulman - Spring 2010 - First Academy student to win a campus wide election for Student Senate. He won the position of On-Campus Representative (though he ran unopposed).

Kyle Gruber and Gabi Schroeder - Spring 2010 - First Academy students to be elected to the Exec Board of Common Ground, a major campus organization, as the Secretary/Treasurer and Events Coordinator, respectively. Both were elected as first-year Academy students.

Megan Carson - Spring 2010 - First Academy student elected President of the Residence Hall Association (RHA).

Grant Rhoads and Jacob Williams - 2009-2010 School Year - Largest number of stupid acts attempted while overcompensating and trying to be the biggest men possible.

Dustin Crouse - Fall 2010 - Walked entire "Relay for Life" track on his hands.

Group Efforts[edit]

3rd Floor West - 2004-2005 school year- Largest number of broken door knobs resulting in the entrapment or stranding of students inside or outside of room. (2)

3rd Floor West - 2004-2005 school year- Largest number of visits on floor of campus safety personnel. (3)

3rd Floor West - Oct.7 2004- Longest distance and largest number of people to carry a couch. (Roughly 1 mile. 6 people (Jay, Mike, Curtis, Nate, Mark, and Jon))

3rd Floor West - 2005- Largest number of people on the biggest stack of mattresses. (6 people (Chad, Jon, Mark, Curtis, Jay, Mike) on 8 stacked mattresses)

3rd Floor West - Loud hours 2005 finals- Biggest stereo build out of other stereos. (1000 watts)

3rd Floor West - May session 2005- Most indoor destruction caused from a water fight, water pistols and cups, followed quickly by in-room punishment for everyone involved. (Chad, Jon, Jay )(3rd West hallway, 3rd floor lounge, 3rd East hallway, middle bathroom, 3rd West bathroom, Fob door hallway, Fob door.)

3rd Floor West - 2004-2005- Largest number of sports-like activities invented, played, and banned in the Missouri Academy. (baseball, soccer, skateboarding, roller-blading, anything to do with wheels and travel, stick-ball, any form of aluminum foil ball, any form of tinfoil ball, hot potato, potato baseball, anything else with a potato, AOL CD baseball, AOL CD discus, AOL CD dodge ball, boxing, marital arts, anything to do with a mattress sliding, box sliding, box building, hide and go seek, tag, freeze tag, elevator tag, musical slamming doors, dance contest, wall climbing, anything to do with a squirt gun, tug of war, fencing, jogging, backwards jogging, painting, anything to do with a ball in the stairwell, anything to do with frozen hot dogs, anything to do with sound, anything to do with the company Nerf, fob door crashing, anything to do with paper towels, anything to do with large sheets of construction paper, and eating contests.)

2nd Floor East - September 2005- Largest number of ports denied at one time. Over 75 ports for Steam, Battlefield 2, Call of Duty, Xfire, and TeamSpeak were all denied, with dumb reasoning of course. John Henson, Dustin Bales, and Brandon Hughes.

3rd Floor West - Oct. 14 2005- Most people sleeping in one wing hallway with the lights off. (12 people, 10 mattresses)

2nd Floor East - October 14-15, 2005 - Most people playing a game of bowling in a wing hallway. (17, including RC Neal and 3rd-year Dan Brigham)

Adventurers - Jan 1, 2008 - Most students to drop out after one semester. (15 i believe... also, the record below will soon be beaten, we will have to wait for the end of the year for the total body count.)

Trailblazers - May 31, 2005 - Most students dropped from the MAMSC program in one year. (14 students)

Navigators - Highest dropout rate after both years - 38.8% (21 students out of 54). This breaks the record set by the Trailblazers the year before of 37.3% (22 out of 59).

2nd Floor East - September 21, 2006 - Most students spontaneously in the bathroom at 1 A.M. (10 Students)

2nd Floor East - Week of February 17, 2008 - Most people sick on a single wing with 17 of the 28 girls there having fever, coughing, and other symptoms.

Best Stuff[edit]

Jon McNamara - 2004-2005- Longest time to risk life and limb by continuing to ride a bike that was bought for 15 dollars at the flea market in 2000 well past its lifetime. Continued to ride the bike durning the school year after the tires were bent(in different directions), brakes ceased to exist, steel frame was rusted, and a number of other issues. Rode the bike after the tire popped by crafting a new tire out of the old with duct tape. After riding said bike, Mike was reported saying "Yeah Jon, your bike is shit, the whole time I thought I was gonna die, thanks a lot." (paraphrased)

Jay Augustin - Halloween 2004- Only member of the Academy to construct a tuxedo out of duct tape and then dance in it.

Chad Henderson - 2004-2005 school year- Only member of the academy to completely escape the control of the Illuminati by crafting a hat and full suit of armor entirely out of tinfoil.

Unknown students built a water barometer in the main academy staircase during the night of October 10-11, 2007. It worked in the beginning and was calibrated, but at some point thereafter it ceased functioning, presumably from a leak that destroyed the vacuum at the top. The structure, which had it's base at the bottom of the main stairwell, but which had to be read from fourth floor (a water barometer must be about 10.3 meters, or 34 feet, tall), was taken down by the administration the same day it was constructed. Some of the materials used in construction were removed from the dumpster by unknown students, which led to rumors that at some point a second barometer might be constructed, but this did not happen.