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A Pacesetter XL.

This is the second class to graduate from the academy.

Graduating Members[edit]

Name      College      Grad School
Brittany (Beier) Brigham      University of Missouri-Rolla
Raye Bradford      -Incomplete-
Ted Brigham      Iowa State University
Lois Christensen      Truman State University
Rachel Coombe      University of Missouri Kansas City
Stephanie Davis      Southeast Missouri State University      Southeast Missouri State University
Margret De Guzman      New York University
Morgan Ditch      Truman State University      University of Arizona
Jon Drozdowski      Southwest Missouri State University
Dana Garner      Truman State University
Sarah (Gillespie) Walker     
Alysa Gilson      Valparaiso University
Tracy Hill      Clemson University
Kendra (Hines) Brigham      Iowa State University
Katie Isbell      University of Missouri Kansas City
Ben Iwai      University of Missouri Kansas City
Mandi Jackson      Southeast Missouri State University
Stephanie Jordan      Hillsdale College
Dan Kling      Truman State University
Jeri Laskie      Boston University
Josh Lawrence      Clemson University
Tiffani Le      Saint Louis University
Tien Nguyen     
Nick Parker      Boston University
Adam Peetz      University of Missouri Rolla
Vlad Pozdin      Butler University & IUPUI      Cornell University
Nick Robinson      Unviersity of Missouri-Rolla
Stephen Rudolph      Arizona State University      Purdue University
Travis Service      University of Missouri-Rolla      University of Missouri-Rolla
Shahab Shaffiey      University of Missouri Kansas City
Daniel Stufflebean      Cornell University      University of California, San Diego
Vlad Tchatalbachev      University of Missouri Kansas City
Michelle Tsai      University of Missouri Columbia
Tristan Twitchell      University of Missouri Columbia
Jen Walker      Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Kyle Williams      University of Missouri-Rolla
Amelia Willits-Smith      University of Colorado-Boulder
Robyn Worsey      University of Missouri-Columbia