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a typical Navigator
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an ACADEMY Navigator

A navigator is the person on board a ship responsible for its navigation. The navigator's responsibilities include planning the journey, advising the captain while en route, and ensuring that hazards are avoided. The navigator is in charge of maintaining the ship's nautical charts, nautical publications, and navigational equipment, and generally has responsibility for meteorological equipment and communications.

The Navigators lost 19 students during trimesters, with two more students walking at Graduation without receiving a diploma because of their GPA (listed as did not graduate). This means that a total of 21 of the 54 Navigators (including half-years) did not complete the Missouri Academy program, giving their class the current dropout rate record (38.9%), beating the record set by the class of 2007.

List of Students

Student Undergraduate Institution Major(s) Graduate Institution
Josh Armstrong ["half-year"] University of Missouri - Columbia Interdisciplinary - Sociology & Communications
Jessica Barnes (departed)
Shaye Bouckaert Saint Louis University
Harrison Boyer (departed) Missouri S&T Aerospace Engineering
Jessica Brooks University of Kansas Environmental Studies / International Studies Yale University
Craig Burkhart Harvey Mudd College Mathematics
Kris Butler (departed) Missouri S&T
Erin Chase (departed)
Ehren Ekhause University of Missouri - Kansas City 6-Year Med Program
Jessica Ellis University of Missouri - Columbia Dietetics
Amy Fehr (departed)
Cassie Gray University of Missouri - Columbia Biology / Russian
Chester Gregg (departed) Northwest Missouri State University Computer Science / Mathematics / Chemistry
Andy Halstead (departed) University of Missouri - Columbia Computer Science / English/Music
Sybil (nee Coe) Hamm University of Missouri - Kansas City
Sarah Hargis Murray State University Nursing / Chemistry
Chris Harper (did not graduate) University of Missouri - Columbia Pre-Optometry / International Business
Ni Hoang (departed) Missouri State University International Business
Zachary Kallenborn University of Puget Sound History / Political Science / Mathematics
Parker Kessler Missouri S&T Computer Science, Mathematics
G. Mason Klenklen Missouri S&T Ceramic Engineering
Alex (nee Bradford) Libby Northwest Missouri State University
Nick Main Missouri S&T Mechanical Engineering
Phillip McGee (departed) Missouri S&T Environmental Engineering
Corey Merrifield (did not graduate) Missouri State University Cell and Molecular Biology / Chemistry (Pre-Med)
Kyle Mikel (Enlisted in the US Army)
Angela Murphy University of Missouri - Kansas City English
Hiren Patel University of Missouri - Columbia
Alexander Portis ["half-year"] Truman State University Medicine
Faith (nee Johnson) Poulsen Brigham Young University
Aman Rakhra University of Missouri - Columbia
Niharika Rath University of Missouri - Kansas City 6 Year Med Program / Psychology
James Rea Drury University Political Sciences
Brianna Reese St. Louis University Biochemistry
Michael Richardson Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary / Liberty University Biblical Studies
James Sage (departed)
Kelsi Sapp Baylor University Physics
Justin Schmelzer (departed) Missouri S&T / Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Alex Speltz Massachusetts Institute of Technology Mechanical Engineering
Katie Steckel University of Missouri - Columbia Economics / Geography
Sammy-Jo Stolle ["half-year"] University of Central Arkansas Environmental Science
Erin (n�e Spicher) Swan Northwest Missouri State University Geography / Physics
Kyla Thomas (departed)
Scott Tuell (departed) College of the Ozarks
Clint Verner (departed) Central Methodist Theater Arts
Richard Waltiere Missouri S&T
Veronica Watson (departed) (Enlisted in the US Marine Corps)
Anthony Wentzel (departed) Vatterott College Culinary Arts
David West (departed)
Sarah Wingo (departed) College of the Ozarks Art
Katrina "Ferret" Wohlschlaeger
Tyler Wolfangel Saint Louis University Biology
Niels P. Zussblatt Massachusetts Institute of Technology Chemical Engineering University of California - Santa Barbara

This list is intentionally incomplete in order to honor a request that we remove a particular Navigator's name.