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As of Spring of 2010, this club is inactive

Musical Theatre[edit]

MASMC Musical Theatre, founded by Lily Elebracht, has been providing no-cost quality entertainment to academites since 2003.

Musical Theatre is dedicated to hard work, fun, and providing a no-cost show to all interested academites and citizens of Maryville.

Singing in the Rain 2005-2006[edit]

  • Director: Ashley Lang
  • Stage Manager:
  • Treasurer: Ashley Banaszek
  • Producer: Jared Verner
  • Crew Manager:
  • Sound Design:
  • Light Design:
  • Costume Design:
  • Costume Manager:
  • Props & Scenery:
  • Orchestral Conductor:
  • Acting Coach: Ashley Banaszek
  • Pianist: Allyson Finch
  • Cast:
  • Crew:
  • Orchestra:

Into the Woods 2004-2005[edit]

Names are subject to change due to the fact that I am recalling these names from memory because I cannot get a hold of the director and producer.


Names Not Yet Provided.

We Want YOU![edit]

If you are an actor, singer, stage hand, random techie, musician, or dancer... or would like to be one, contact this year's director: Ashley Lang.

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