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Since not everybody has been editing this since the beginning, a quick overview of Wiki etiquette might be helpful.

Editing Guide[edit]

Before making any edits, please read the editing guide, and follow any standards that may be set forth therein, in order to make your code readable and readily editable by the rest of us. A good rule of thumb is to try to make the code as pretty/clean as possible while still achieving the desired effect.

Pick up on trends[edit]

You'll notice some pages have similar styles, such as the classes. If you see a style, please adhere to it if you can, but don't worry too much about it.

Edit like crazy[edit]

Don't be bashful about editing what other people have done, because we certainly won't hesitate to edit something of yours that is wrong or incomplete. The only exemption is user pages. Please respect other people's right to exclusive control over content on their user pages, provided it is not illegal.

User Pages[edit]

There are also user pages. These are linked to whenever you sign a post, and we use links to people's user pages when we type their names. (For example, Brian Troutwine has a big nose.) As a result, we do not want pages about individuals in the wiki, excluding staff members, or perhaps legendary academites that do not have a user page. Really, don't write a page about yourself unless it's your user page.


Stubs are pitiful articles. By adding the {{stub}} tag to the bottom of an article, you are telling everybody that the article has been started but needs work. This also adds it to the stubs category, so that we can all see it and work on it if we know enough about it.

Also, we've linked to the stubs category on the main page so that you can look through them and edit any that you have knowledge of. If you think you've turned it into a decent article, remove the stub tag.


Sometimes pages get made that have no business existing. If you don't see any way to flesh a page out into a full article and nothing of worth is actually presented, add the {{delete}} tag to the bottom of the article, and start a discussion regarding that article. Three affirmative votes and no negatives, or a decision to delete after a discussion, is sufficient for a sysop to delete the article.

Please visit the deletion category to participate in discussions. If you don't, some article you wrote might get deleted without your having any say.


First, we would prefer it if all participators in this Wiki would create accounts. This reduces the risk of trolling. Anonymous edits are still allowed but if trolling becomes a problem we may have to ban them because we do not intend to spend our time cleaning up after trolls.

Getting New Users[edit]

Especially in a wiki designed to disseminate information to newcomers, new users are important. Once you've gotten comfortable around here, please drop by the Bringing in Users section, and start playing an active role in recruiting new users.

Questions, Comments, Suggestions[edit]

If you don't like something, feel free to submit questions, comments, and suggestions. This is fairly straightforward. Also, please sign any queries.