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This page lists the various buildings on campus and what is in them.

Administration Building[edit]

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The Administration Building

This is an original building here on Northwest, and used to house all classes. It is now used entirely for administrative purposes, and the job of teaching students has been entrusted to newer buildings. This is a relatively intuitive building to navigate, as it seems to have been designed like hall straight out of your high school, though the main entrance sports a rather elaborate staircase.

One side of the Administration building burned to a crisp some years ago. They rebuilt it to look exactly the same, but we've been assured that you can see where the fire was.

Colden Hall[edit]

Colden Hall is the most poorly designed building on campus. (If Northwest had an architecture department, its graduates would design this.) It houses all your composition and literature classes, as well as computer science classes. It is designed so that the most important classes are on the very highest floor.

Cooper Hall[edit]

Cooper Hall

The resdience hall where the Missouri Academy's students are housed. It is a part of the North Complex residence halls, and adjoins to Douglas Hall next door. It has 4 floors:

1st Floor

  • The main entrance (see picture) is on the first floor. There is also another entrance on the direct opposite side (the "Bat Cave"), but it's typically a waste of time trying to get in through, especially as it takes you nowhere you couldn't go otherwise.
  • The Residential Life Office (RLO) is an office with a computer and filing cabinets, and is where RCs are when they say they are working the desk. This is where you'll sign your name when you check in, sign in, and sign out. Keys, vacuum cleaners, kitchen equipment, and games equipment are also held here for you to check out.
  • A number of administrative offices are near the RLO, including those of Neal Davis, Dr. Cleo Samudzi, Dr. Sam Jennings, Rob Bryant, and various other staff members. The conference room and a photocopier are also back there, and chances are good you'll need to use both of those at least once during your stay here.
  • The main lounge is what one might call the hub of activity. This is largely due to the fact that it's among the few places both sexes are allowed to congregate. As such, it is also one of the more common places for the less subtle couples to be affectionate. For the record, we advise against such activities in excess as this gets other people angry. The lounge is home to a pool table, an air-hockey table, a ping pong table, a drinking fountain, a big screen TV, a selection of books and movies, and a decent stereo system. Most dances are held in the lounge.
  • The computer lab is home to four computers and a printer. Unlike the standard computers, these are actually pretty good, despite their limited numbers.
  • There is a pair of study rooms with three hideously colored walls, and one clear one that they share with the computer lab. There's typically a table and chairs in these, but they have been known to not be there. There's also a computer available in each of the rooms, though they are not nearly as good as the four next door.
  • There are two vending machines: one for soda/juice and one for candy/snacks. These accept money and Bearcat cards. The candy machine is notorious for eating Bearcat cards, so we suggest avoiding it altogether and buying in bulk and bringing it with you. (This also is convenient for post-10:30 hunger.)

2nd Floor

  • The other main entrance is on 2nd floor, directly above the one that is locked to students on first floor. Only students and Academy faculty typically enter here. This rule is somewhat lax for families of students, as there's no handy place to park near the other entrance, and really nobody sits there watching it for non-family members. Nonetheless, we do not condone sneaking people in, but it's theoretically possible. (All guests are required visit the RLO downstairs.)
  • Second floor lobby (or landing, or common) is the second most common meeting place in the Academy, for much the same reason that the lounge is popular: males and females are both allowed. It is therefore the site of movie watching (typically on someone's laptop, but sometimes you'll see a small TV or a desktop computer), group study sessions, and LAN Parties, where the game of choice has historically been Counter-Strike.
  • In the lobby, there is a small study room that typically has a table, some chairs, a whiteboard, college pamphlets, and a typewriter (don't ask why).
  • The mailboxes are also in the lobby. This is where your mail is put. You probably won't get a whole lot, but you should probably look in the little window on the front of your box at least once a week.
  • There is a male wing on the west side of second floor. This wing has room for 18 students and one lounge, which is really just the first room, which has had its beds removed and a couch and TV inserted.
  • On the east side, there is a female wing, which seems to follow about the same configuration. There are some minor differences, such as the placement of RC apartments.

3rd Floor

  • 3rd Floor has two male wings. As such, there is no co-ed lobby as there is on second. However, third floor is endowed with three bathrooms and a lounge the size of three standard rooms.

4th Floor

  • 4th floor is very much like third, but about ten feet higher in elevation and populated with females.

Cooper Hall is situated roughly in the center of the campus, near Owens Library, Garrett-Strong, and not too far from the Student Union, Station and the Administration Building.


Garrett-Strong (GS for short) is the math and sciences building at Northwest. It's largely decorated with moose heads, biology exhibits, physics posters, and broken display cases.

Note: Computer Science classes are located in Colden Hall.

Owens Library[edit]

Owens Library is located immediately to the north of Cooper Hall. It is a glass and steel building with three floors.

Student Union[edit]

The Student Union has three floors, the first one is primarily the campus food court, the second floor has some meeting rooms that are occasionally used for Academy events as well as the smoothie shop, and the third floor has a large ballroom, which is usually used for the Academy prom.

Fine Arts Building[edit]

Bearcat Stadium[edit]


The Station is a building to the northwest of Cooper Hall. It houses the Java City coffee shop, a convenience store, various comfy chairs & couches for hanging out, as well as a few larger rooms that have occasionally been used for Academy dances and for classes when the university found itself without sufficient classrooms (ex: in Fall 2007 all sessions of American Government took place in the Station).

The High Rises[edit]

The four High Rises are the main undergraduate dorms and are identical in appearance. They are located at the northwestern edge of campus around the Station. Like all living facilities other than the Academy dorm, Academy students are not allowed to enter.


External links[edit]

  • Campus map - Printable PDF map of the campus. Fun to stare it.