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The Adventurers are the class of 2010.

  • An adventurer or adventuress is a term that usually takes one of three meanings:
    • One whose travels are unusual and often exotic, though not so unique as to qualify as exploration.
    • One who lives by their wits.
    • One who takes part in a risky or speculative course of action for profit or position.

Of the Adventurer class, 38 of their 104 students left the Academy before achieving the graduation requirements. This corresponds to a 36.5% attrition rate.

List of Students[edit]

Student University Attending Major(s)
Douglas Ahnemann University of Missouri - Columbia Biological Sciences, Pre-Med
Brett Bolton (departed) New York University - Abu Dhabi International Relations, Pre-Law, Language/Culture
Mariana Brault (departed)
Andrew Brown (departed) Missouri S&T Computer Science
Clayton Buback Missouri S&T Chemical Engineering, Biochemical Emphasis
Melissa Bublitz (departed)
Heather Burns (departed) United States Air Force
Jung Min Byun Johns Hopkins University
Jeremy Carr
Hannah Chambers Missouri S&T
Kun Hee Cho Northeastern University Pre-Pharmacy
Moon Soo Choi University of California - Berkeley Industrial Engineering and Operations Research; Minor in Entrepreneurship, Music, and Ballroom Dancing
Daniel Choi University of California - Berkeley Electrical Engineering & Computer Science
Ethan Cooper University of Missouri - Columbia
Marilyn Corley (departed)
Precious Crittenden (departed)
Darleen Denno Hofstra University Journalism
T.J. Dolan Missouri S&T
Ashley Elfrank University of Missouri - Columbia
Erik Ellwood
Nathan Engle
Lisa Erhart (departed) Missouri State University English
Thor Erismann Northwestern University Economics
Caroline Foust University of Missouri - St. Louis Nursing
Ashley Freitag (departed) University of Missouri - Columbia Journalism
Katelen Gassman (departed)
Hillarey Graves (departed)
Charity Haugh Rockhurst University
Christopher Haynes (departed)
Codi Heffner University of Central Missouri Fashion Design
Kayla Hess
Jay Hopkins (departed)
John Jafari University of Missouri - Columbia
BreAnna Jahn West Virginia University
Tyler Johnson University of Missouri - Columbia
Jessyca Jones (departed)
Justin Jones (departed)
Melanie Kessler University of Arkansas - Fayetteville
Chae Yeon Kim University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign Bioengineering
Ryan Kim University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign Electrical Engineering
Yeonjun Kim University of Wisconsin - Madison Biology
Nigel Kirk (departed) Howard University Philosophy, Political Science
Corbin Kreamalmeyer University of Missouri - Kansas City
Mara Krokstrom (departed) Rockhurst University Political Science, Psychology
Joseph Kurtz Missouri S&T Computer Science
Billy Lee (departed)
Kyuin Lee Carnegie Mellon University
Hunter Lehr
Isaac Ling (departed)
Grace Link University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign Computer Science
Charise Lowe (departed) Northwest Missouri State University
Margaret Luehrs (departed) Avila University
Alex Mannion Wichita State University Aerospace Engineering
Kenna Marx (departed) University of Missouri - Kansas City Pharmacy
Ama Mends
Carman Merritt University of Missouri - St. Louis
Brandon Moore (departed) University of Central Missouri
Jordan Nadler (departed)
Ryan Nickel (departed)
Yvette Odu Yale University
Junseok Oh Cornell University Chemistry
Allana Palmer University of Missouri - Columbia Business
EunSung Park (departed)
Wooyoung Park University of California - Los Angeles Mathematics
Nicole Pastor (departed) University of Missouri - Columbia Food Science, Culinary Arts
Aurora Peck Beloit College
Eric Peterson University of Miami Industrial Engineering
Amanda Piel (departed)
Wilson Pipkin Univeristy of Missouri - Kansas City
Chris Pohlmeier University of Nebraska - Omaha
Ruth Prewitt University of Missouri - Columbia
Gavin Pringle (departed)
Jason Rice (departed)
Grant Rhoads
Zoe Samudzi University of Pittsburgh Political Science, International Politics
Emily Sander (departed)
Joseph Santoli Truman State University English, Undecided
Logan Sauerbrei
Yuriy Sigalov (departed)
Jared Sinclair University of Missouri - Columbia
Jaime Sinden University of Missouri - Kansas City Computer Science
Shivani Singh St. Louis University Health Information Management/Medical Scholars (Pre-medicine)
Ryan Sitton (departed)
Erica Smith
David Stark (departed)
Margret Steele Missouri S&T
Cassidy Swain Georgia Institute of Technology Computer Science
Matthew Swinney (departed)
Lisa Tatro Missouri S&T
Grace Tsai University of Missouri - Columbia
Jacob Tuia Missouri S&T
Lance Turner University of Missouri - Kansas City 8-year Med Program
Jason Wallace
Penny Wang Wellesley College Biochemistry
Adam Waters (departed) St. Louis University
Kellen Wheaton University of Missouri - Columbia
Jacob Williams University of Missouri - Columbia
Jayla Wilson University of Missouri - Columbia
Kaitlin Withouse (departed) University of Missouri - Columbia Psychology
Ryan Woodward (departed)
Andrew Yoakum University of Missouri - Columbia
Sean Yoakum Zoology