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What We Are About[edit]

The 4th West wing is under the leadership of RC Lisa Carrico. Together, she and her wing make the most of many occassions, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving. The wing has a very relaxed feel, and is relatively quiet a large portion of the time. If a student needs a place where they can study in peace for extended periods of time without distraction, then 4W is the spot! It is good for the private and reclusive types, or the types that need quiet in order to study sufficiently.

4th West Specialities[edit]

  • The Movie Theatre Trip 2005
    • For special movies, such as Star Wars 3, the wing trucks out to the theatre and watches a movie on the Academy's dime.
  • WING TRIPS!!!!!!
    • Whether it's going to Worlds of Fun or rockwall climbing, this wing knows how to have fun. Oh, no matter what anyone says, Lisa is an excellent driver! :)
  • Adopt-A-Family, Christmas 2005
    • To spread the holiday cheer, the wing adopts a family for the Christmas holiday. We finally get a turn to play Santa!
  • Holiday Feast and Christmas Tree decorating
    • For Christmas 2005, 4W put a christmas tree in the lounge, in collaboration with 4E, and decorated the lounge with tinsel and ornaments. There was a feast in Lisa'a apartment, and a secret ninja gift exchange.
  • Open House: coming soon!

Current Residents[edit]

4th West in the Past[edit]

Past Activities[edit]

  • Dinner and a Movie Nights
    • The a few ladies on the floor cook for the wing and everybody who's interested watches a movie to the theme of the food (i.e. French food corresponds with a French movie). Their are normally several 'dinner and a movie nights' a year.
  • The Thanksgiving Feast 2004
    • Wing members get together and cook a pre-thanksgiving meal.
  • The Halloween Campfire/Folktales 2004
    • What could be better than apple cider and pumpkin seeds followed by a campfire and story-telling at Lake Mozingo?
  • WING TRIPS!!!!!!
  • The Wing Open House 2004-2006
    • Every wing has an open house, however, 4th West goes all out. 4th West has themed open houses where the rooms of 4th West decorate their doors to the theme all trying to win Best Door. Last year's theme was tribal and the year before that was fairy tales.

Residents of 4th West Way Back When[edit]


The 4th West Recluses, 2004-2005[edit]

  • Adrienne Allain
  • Rummi Babbra ~**
  • Ashley Banaszek
  • Bethany Bartholomaus *
  • Sabrina Bennett
  • Meagan Carrow *
  • Whitni DeGrange **
  • Allyson Finch
  • Kat Fourman
  • Amber Halavats *
  • Ruth Herrin ~**
  • Nicole Malan *
  • Melissa Ray
  • Emily Teasley
  • Mary Wack *



  • Emily Baharamahi *
  • Tara Banaszek
  • Bethany Bartholomaus
  • Brina Crounch
  • Whitni DeGrange
  • Laura Dotson *
  • Sasha Eckstein **
  • Brittany Hotmer **
  • Cassi Hunt *
  • Rachel Kraft **
  • Nicole Malan
  • Ami Mehta *
  • Megha Mehta *
  • Madison Rosas *
  • Jess Schaffer *
  • Cassie Stretch *



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2nd Year *


Former CL ~** (a former CL either resigned CL-ship or was terminated from CL-ship)