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As a Female Wing: 2007-Present[edit]

Beginning in Fall 2007, the 2nd floor wings switched so that 2FE became a female wing attached to 2nd Floor South, a newly acquired wing (formerly non-Academy) that would also be a female wing.

Residential Counselor[edit]

Students of Yesteryear[edit]




As a Male Wing: 2000-2007[edit]

  • Second East was the floor known for its closeness. Every year, under the leadership of Neal Davis, the pool cue wielding madman, Second East achieved the status of family unit faster than any other. While generally quiet during the day, after hours, everything went ballistic. Most nights, the majority of the population could be found in Neal's room watching him game or watching sports on his 51.5 inch flat screen. When Neal is off floor or out of town, any number of things can happen. Some of the more noteworthy examples include sword fights, wrestling, gaming, watching the 700 Club, doing homework that's due in mere hours, or simply laying around talking. Second East goes out as a wing several times per year, and these trips are usually great fun. They include, but aren't limited to: bowling, eating out, and going to sports events. Also, Second East has several in-house activities, such as movie nights, having parents cook for them, LAN parties, and hosting movie nights for all of second floor. In all, it's a great place to live, and anyone that gets put there is lucky.

Relics and Rituals of 2nd East[edit]

The 1x4 of Silence- A board, found in the holy resting place of MLPAC by David Gorham, that has the power to bring silence to the surrounding area. Though some naysayers call this method of bringing silence horrible things, like 'assault' or 'battery', the board is nonetheless powerful. There are two ways of summoning the powers of the 1x4 of Silence. The first is slamming it into the wall or ground within 20 feet of the offending noise, and uttering this incantation: "The 1x4 demands silence! Cease your cacophony, or taste its wrath!" The second method, while far more effective, is far more dangerous: Take the 1x4 of Silence into your hands, and, with confidence, strike the source of the noise. The power of the strike should be inversely proportional to your feelings towards the target. The 1x4 of silence is currently undergoing a renovation by Davy, and will return to its post on August 17, 2005.

The Spoon of Troutwine

The Spoon of Troutwine- The Spoon of Troutwine, unlike the 1x4 of Silence, is still, after its use, an ordinary spoon. While slightly heavier than your average spoon, the Spoon of Troutwine was used to great effect in the bloody Hall Civil War that racked Second East. David Gorham, knight of The Order, was traveling to the RLO, when he was ambushed by Brian Troutwine (for whom the spoon is named). They dueled for what seemed like hours, with neither gaining the advantage, until the crafty Troutwine shattered the rules of war. He faked with his other spoon (a mundane, powerless thing), and while David moved to block it, Troutwine threw the Spoon with all his might. The shot rang true, and David, with pain in his eyes, sank to the ground, cradling his precious jewels that had been crushed. The ensuing laughter echoed through the hall, and in the ensuing parlay, peace returned to Second Floor East. The Spoon of Troutwine went with its owner, and will reside with him in the University of Chicago.

Dance of the Sheeba- Also called the Nate Thompson Dance, it created by Nathan Thompson, and it has the power to render all who see it powerless by gripping them with uncontrollable laughter. It is performed by grabbing your pants, pulling them up as hard as you can, and bobbing your glutes rythmically. While anyone can do it, none can match the effect of Master Nate. He has one apprentice who recently earned the rank of Master: Davy Gorham. Davy, however, cannot match his master's skill, yet he spreads the Dance loyally. Nate intends to take the dance and spread it to national fame.

Neal's Pool Cue- Little is known about the origin of this splintered pool cue, but its history is of little consequence. All that matters is that this tool of bludgeoning is used with ruthless efficiency to enforce his floor's room-cleanliness policy. While it's never seen live combat, it was used to hold off the 1x4 of silence while it could be confiscated. It was also used to establish control over Andy Spencer and Brad Williamson numerous times, and compelled them to clean their abominable room.

Students of Yesteryear[edit]



2004-2005 - Gandalf

2003-2004 - ALF

2002-2003 - AF2UAC


We could use some help from any Pacesetters or Pathfinders to fill this in.


We could use some help from any Pathfinders to fill this in.