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About me

This fall, I am residing in Room 219 with Frank Closser. I am the High Guardian of bitterness, sarcasm, and cynicism over all Missouri. Current interests include my Yahoo! Fantasy Football team, and getting advice for said team from the Fantasy Football Cafe.

My Various Websites

My Xanga Site, where I post my endless ramblings, and funny things from the net.

My Website, where I don't really say or do anything, I just use it as a place to host my online pictures. You are, however, most welcome to come and laugh at them. Some are pretty funny.


Folding@Home is a Distributed Computing program that runs on your computer. The whole project is designed to study proteins and how their compostion affects how they "fold", or shape themselves, and then affect the human body. To simulate the folding of proteins, even on small scales (a few millionths of a second) requires massive amounts of computing power, which cannot be supplied by even powerful supercomputers. Thus, the people at Stanford made this program, which parcels out small parts of each protein to individual computers around the world. By utilizing the power of hundreds of thousands of computers, they ahve been able to simulate the folding of several key proteins in the human body, and even get published in several scientific journals.

Anyways, the program runs in the background of your computer, utilizing whatever percentage of your CPU you're not using at the moment. You can also set it to run as a screensaver, which is really cool-looking. There is a MASMC team of folders, where we accumulate stats based on how many "Work Units" (WU's) we finish, and are ranked against other folding teams around the world. When you first set up Folding@Home on your computer, enter your team number as "41760", and you will join the MASMC folding team. The team's stats can be found here.