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I seem to be having a problem with the FBLA link. When looking at the page it has the external link but when i go to edit it, it shows internal linkage. Does the same happend when other users are looking at it or is it just me?- Trisha

It looks good to me, I think it's a caching problem, sometimes it displays old stuff when it's not supposed to, if you try to refresh a few time sometimes that helps, or if you just wait a little bit. --Andy 14:14, 11 Dec 2005 (EST)

Should we make pages for the different organizations? What about SGA? Or are we going to just going to link to moacad? - Stuey

Well linking to moacad (im assuming you mean stuff like would mean I have to write it all (and that's not going to happen much) so it's probably better to do it here, and maybe I'll copy it to moacad sometime.

Is Dr. Hesse the FBLA sponsor, eh? - Stuey

oops, got those two (fbla/model un) mixed up again

Are we going to put an index to the wing pages here like it was before? - Stuey

I should say so. (But I've really stopped caring. I hope Mike's anal-retentiveness will replace mine as far as maintaining a sort of consistency. Jon's ideas are all over the place and ugly. No offense, Jon. Just be neater about this. Also not everything is so important as to go on here. In my opinion this was more an informative site than a place to put up records about people (for instance) that are already known to everybody who cares. -Chrax
Okay, I moved the wing info to here... I don't like the format, but what ever. - Stuey
Then change it back, the only reason i moved the page and made it more guady was to try and get people to click it and fill stuff in, someone is not gonna sit down and write a whole page, but if they saw ohh hey heres a little section that i can write a sentence in about the mascot, then they might write it. I dont care if u guys change my stuff if u think its ugly, if u dont like something change it, im just trying to put my 2 cents in. -jon

And by change it back i mean change it so it displays the way you would like.