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The Pioneers are the class of 2011.

pi�o�neer [pahy-uh-neer]

1. a person who is among those who first enter or settle a region, thus opening it for occupation and development by others.
2. one who is first or among the earliest in any field of inquiry, enterprise, or progress
3. being the earliest, original, first of a particular kind, etc.

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Of the Pioneer class, 23 of the 96 have departed the Academy.

List of Students[edit]

Student University to Attend - (Top Choice Pending Acceptance) Major(s)
Thane Armbruster
Alisha Ashford (departed)
Courtney Bender (departed)
Jasmine Bitanga St. Louis University Aerospace Engineering
Dylan Blumenthal University of Missouri - Kansas City Biology/ Pre-Dental
Caleb Branstetter University of Missouri - Columbia Accounting
Jillian Bueno University of Missouri - Columbia Mathematics
Thomas Burk University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Megan Carson University of Pittsburgh Actuarial Science
Sherie Carter (departed) Florida A&M University
Antonio Cha Brown University
Woo Jin Chang (departed) Seoul National University
Priscilla Choo Rutgers University Pharmacy
Anna Cole Westminster College
Joseph Courtaway (departed) (Univ. of MO - Kansas City, St. Louis University, OR Univ. of MO - Columbia) Med-school/Pre-med/Comp Sci
Dustin Crouse University of Virginia Engineering Science
Samantha Dawson Lindenwood University
Sydney Dawson (departed) Lindenwood University
Brina DeBrown St. Louis University
Connor Douthat University of Missouri - Kansas City
Sarah Emerick University of Missouri - Columbia
Anthony Engle (departed)
Courtney Flood Polytechnic Institute of New York University Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Rebecca Fuller (departed)
RaeAnn George North Carolina State University Pre-Veterinary Medicine/Large animal veterinary medicine
Rebecca Giboney Missouri State University Geology and Anthropology
Kyle Gruber University of Missouri - Kansas City Business Administration with a Finance emphasis
Plino Anel Gutierrez Nunez University of Arkansas Computer Engineering
Clayton Harby
Nathan Harris
Abigail Harrison (departed)
Andra Hehner (departed)
Nicole Hulsey Truman State University Biology/Veterinary Medicine
Aaron Hurst (departed)
Billy Janson (departed)
Sara Maria Jensen Northwest Missouri State University Biology/Chemistry
Tyler Kent US Naval Academy
Joshua Kile (departed)
JiHoon Kim University of California - Berkeley Physics
Bryan Kim Purdue University
Dong Hee Kim University of Missouri - Kansas City 6-year medical program
Esther Kim University of California - Berkeley Chemistry
Jennifer Le Polytechnic Institute of New York University
Ha Yeon Lee
Hee Suk Lee Cornell University
Hojin Lee Georgia Institute of Technology Industrial Engineering
James Lee
Seung Hee Lee Boston University
Karlee Liberty (departed) Northwest Missouri State University English
Michael Maples The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Physics
Lauren Mays
Luke Mendenhall (departed) St. Louis University
Garrett Meyer Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Caleb Miller University of Washington - Seattle
Juan Carlos Monterrey Gomez Tulane University Political Economy/ International Development
Jayde Moran University of Missouri - Kansas City
Mohammad Muhi Georgia Institute of Technology
Taylor Mulik Northwest Missouri State University
Mikayla Muzzey Saint Louis University
Miska Newell Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
Bradley Nimmo Physics
Amber Norman Missouri State University Psychology
Ashley Nuhn Missouri University of Science and Technology Computer Science
Alex Park
Drew Paulman Truman State University Political Science
Jennifer Pegues (departed)
Alana Poe (departed)
Patrick Powell (departed)
April Protzman Marine Biology
Rachael Protzman University of Missouri - Columbia Food Science
Jennie Ransom Brigham Young University
Alex Ratcliff
Elmer Rho Johns Hopkins University
Taylor Romans (departed)
Stephen Ryan Missouri University of Science and Technology Aerospace Engineering
Peter Sable Milwaukee School of Engineering Multidisciplinary Engineering
Jason Sauerbrei
Ryan Schachter (departed) Texas Christian University
Joseph Schneider University of Missouri - Columbia Journalism
Gabi Schroeder University of Minnesota - Twin Cities Psychology/ Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies
Florencio Serrano Castillo University of Arkansas Chemical Engineering
Sarah Shawver
Amelia Shrum University of Missouri - Kansas City Biology
Colter Snethen
Holli Snider Lindenwood University
Jon Stackhouse Northwest Missouri State University
Jacob Taylor Northwest Missouri State University
Jay Taylor Northwest Missouri State University Nanoscience
Sara Thomas (departed) University of Missouri - Warrensburg Criminal Justice
Shannon Vogel (departed)
Caitlin Wallace (departed) Northwest Missouri State University Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
Jalayna Walton
Lydia Welker Missouri State University
Beth Wilkins Missouri University of Science and Technology
Jared Wyatte Missouri University of Science and Technology
Hui Lin (Winnie) Yang University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Materials Science and Engineering
Tricia Yates William Jewell College