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Some Academy students have been known to cook their own meals in the Academy kitchen instead of eating the less-than-nutritious stuff offered at the Union. There is a sink, which actually has hot and cold water, an oven, a microwave that is much cleaner than those on the floors, a table and chairs, and a refrigerator to store left-overs or ingredients (which are supposed to be marked with your name and the date you put them in the fridge.)

There are also bowls, spoons, cups, plates, baking sheets, and other cooking utensils. Knives must be checked out from the RLO, because obviously we can not be trusted with sharp objects.

The kitchen is left locked, and you must check out the key just like you would for a game or the pool equipment.

The kitchen is also used to cook the food for the Wing Games baking contest. Sometimes, the kitchen is used as a meeting room when the conference room is booked.

Due to a recent increase of PDA violations the kitchen door must remain open when in use.